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Researching Nutrient Use Efficiencies in Agriculture and Ecological Sciences

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Global leaders located in Brisbane, Australia 

The NUE Lab, located at The University of Queensland, focuses on a fostering global collaborations to create a multidisciplinary approaches aimed at improving agriculture output and sustainability.

Our research centers on plant nutrition to support the Circular Nutrient Economy for a world without waste and pollution. Informed by nature and with tools spanning from ecology to biotechnology, we generate knowledge for sustainable bio-production in collaboration with industry and government partners.

Where Industry & Government Meet Science

Leading The Way

The University of Queensland hoasts world-leading agricultural scientists and researchers. Our facilities include a PC2 laboratory, temperature and humidity controlled growth cabinets, and climate-controlled glasshouses. Moreover, located 40 minutes outside Brisbane City, UQ’s Gatton Campus is equipt with first-class field-trial facilities.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

One of our key innovation strategies is our cross-disciplinary approach. Our intra-faculty relationships allow us to understand concepts from every angle. This novel approach has led us to many different partnerships with private industry, international academic institutions, and government partnerships.

What We Do

Plant Nutrition and Ecophysiology

We study nutrient use by plants and the nutrient transformation in soil to enable re-purposing nutrients from wastes and recarbonising soils.

Next-Generation Fertilisers

Securing Australia’s fertiliser sovereignty through the use of novel technologies which convert ‘waste’ into fertilisers

Cropping Systems & Sustainable Ag.

As we enter the United Nations ‘Decade of Ecosystem Restoration’, there’s a wide acknowledgement that current practises are no longer sustainable

We pioneer microdialysis in tropical systems for new insight into the soil-plant interface. Screening crop genotypes and next-generation fertilisers in controlled and field conditions joins experimental control with relevance.

Nucleotide and functional analysis of microbial communities advances understanding of nutrient processes in soils. Research of soil chronosequences gauges long-term processes with view of carbon and greenhouse gas fluxes

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Our Primary Goals

Develop Strategy

Work with government and industry to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for global agriculture


We work hand-in-hand with the people on the ground. We are the bridge between farmers and science.

Circular Nutrient Economy

We collaborate with world-class scientists and researchers to turn our global ‘linear’ model into a circular model which can sustain our rapidly growing population

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Our Researchers are always eager to develop new partnerships. Industry, government, and students are welcome to contact us for any information concerning what we do and how we can collaborate.

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